Who are the Pet Care Drivers and how do the pets arrive at Eden’s facility?  As reported by Sharon Jantzen, writer/editor of SLO Horse News, “Just how do the pets get to Eden Memorial Pet Care and back to their owners after processing? A dynamic driving duo makes the weekly rounds providing pick-up service at Vet Hospitals of animals and then back again to deliver the cremains.”  In her latest story, Sharon spotlights the subject and tells the story of the who we like to call the “Dynamic Duo”.  Heath Dillard and Casey Barge are apart of Eden Memorial’s team, who service veterinary hospitals throughout the SLO County and Central Valley.  Without them we couldn’t transport people’s beloved pets to our facility in Paso Robles and for any cremains processed to be returned…back to the hospitals and their clients home.  To learn more about these wonderful team members…read on:

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Eden Memorial Pet Care’s Dynamic Driving Duo

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*Christine Ogorsolka Johnson


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