New Pet Paw Print Keepsake Options

We are so excited to announce two beautiful choices for our clients when it comes to a pet paw print. Many of our clients are looking for another unique way to memorialize their BFF (Best Furry Friend); and what not a better way then a paw print keepsake.

Clay Paw Print in Leather Box

pet paw print keepsake

Pet Paw Memento Box by Paws Remembrance.


Our first paw print option is an imprint of your pet’s paw in air dried clay and housed in a elegant black faux leather case.

The case serves not only as a wonderful way to keep the paw memento safe but a beautiful way to display the memento for years to come. We offer this Pet Keepsake option for $40 plus tax. This service includes us to retrieve the imprint after your pet has passed. Then return case/imprint to you after pet’s cremation services are completed. We can also sell the case alone as a DIY Memorial Keepsake; if your pet is still alive and you would like to have an imprint now ($25 plus tax).



Clay Paw Keepsake

pet paw keepsake

Eden Memorial’s Clay Keepsake in gift box.


Eden’s second option for a pet paw print is our new Clay Paw Keepsake.

This pet memento is a more simplified keepsake where your pet’s paw is imprinted into pre-cut clay, oven baked and returned to you in a gift box. ($20 plus tax) This allows you the choice to frame, display or keep in a special place in your home. The truly exciting option for the Clay Paw Keepsake is that we can do any size of pet. We can even do a horse’s hoof!! With the Paw Imprint in the Leather Case you are limited to the size of paw; but with our new keepsake clay imprint; we have the ability to use an expanded “metal cookie cutter” and pre cut clay up to 8-10” in diameter. So that means goats, pigs, llamas, horses and even your large dog breed can easily have his/her imprint taken.


Having More Keepsake Options

In the last couple of years, clients have been looking for more options when memorializing their BFF after passing. A clay paw imprint has been one of the most popular choices and one that you can potentially make more than one of for different members of the family. Just like the hand prints we did in clay as a kid, it can bring a nice memory of your beloved pet for years to come.  There are a lot of pet mementos out there and is a very personal decision. So what is right for you?  If you need more ideas of memorializing your pet: ask friends, search the internet and read our blog “Best Way to Memorialize Your Pet“.

No one too big or too small

We have always wanted to be able to provide a clay imprint for all species and all sizes. We were always limited to the small area within the box with our leather case memento. But now with different sized options for cutting clay, we can personalize the size to your animal companion. Now even our equine clients can choose a horse memorial keepsake and get a hoof print.

Always striving for the best

We here a Eden Memorial Pet Care always want to strive to be better and offer all our clients the best in Pet Aftercare Services. From pet paw prints and keepsakes to cremation services and private viewings; we are here for you. Let us know how we can better serve you and your pets. Visit our products page, comment on the blog or call/email us anytime.

Until next time.

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