Pets Make the Best Valentines!  Whatever your stance on Valentines Day, a Hallmark holiday or a special day earmarked to spend with your sweetie, everyone can feel the pressure of “Who’s Your Valentine”.  So why not take the pressure off and look into those longing googlie eyes of hairy love looking back at you…No I don’t mean your date…I’m talking about your BFF…your Best Furry Friend! There are many reasons why your furry baby makes the best Valentines ever!

reasons why pets make best valentines


  • They listen to your every word—They will sit forever on your lap or snuggled next to you as long as “scratchies” and “loving pets” are involved and listen to all your problems. Hard day at work, breakup, grief or just relaxing; pets have a way of melting your problems away. It’s been proven that pets are perfect therapy for children and adults– people in grief, PTSD, physically challenged, mental disorders. Therapy Animals are used in hospitals, schools and privately in many situations to help people cope with daily challenges.  According to an article in the Medical News Today (“What to Know About Animal Therapy”) the author Jon Johnson states,

“The positive interactions with an animal may lead to benefits in the mind and body, such as reduced stress and an overall more balanced mental and emotional state.”

The article goes on to discuss what is the animal human bond and how it can benefit both the physical and mental well being of many people. From helping with stress to providing help in rehabilitation in various forms of recoveries, the heart lifting stories are endless.

  • You don’t have to share your candy! Since pets can’t eat chocolate and sweets; they make the perfect Valentine. You can enjoy whatever sweet you desire without sharing one bite. In all seriousness, it’s not uncommon knowledge that chocolate is bad for dogs; but have you heard of Xylitol? This sugarless sweetener/additive is toxic to pets. It’s in many candies and gum. So read the labels and put away to keep your sweetie safe.reasons why pets make best valentines


  • They don’t expect gifts – They don’t care what day it is or if you’ve gotten them a gift; all they want is your love. The best gift we can give our pets is our time. Especially this past year with Covid-19; many of us are spending more time at home. While we are at home, many of us are working, kids are distant learning and pets are getting more bonded to their owners through walks and extra time spent at home with a new “At Home Routine”. What may happen as we all start going back to work and school is that our pets may start feeling depressed and anxious. They have just spent the better part of a whole year with a new routine at home with you; so be aware of your pet’s behavior. They may act out with going potty in the house, chewing/scratching furniture and/or not eating when you are away. Keeping a routine and making time for them will help acclimate them to any change.


  • They can’t give you Covid-19 – If you are single and dating; you can relate to the difficulty of dating during a pandemic. Dating aps have changed their marketing strategies with commercials geared toward “online video” chatting and Zoom Dating Calls. And of course, there’s the thought of how can I date during a time we should be protecting ourselves and our families. Well, I have a solution! Stay home, put on Netflix and snuggle up to Fido. There is no concern getting Covid-19 from your BFF (Best Furry Friend).
top reasons why pets are best valentines

Be Mine Forever?


  • Unconditional Love – enough said! Our animal companions give us nothing but unconditional love each and every day. All they need in return is food, shelter and snuggles. It doesn’t matter what kind of day you have had, if you haven’t showered or what you are wearing…they love you no matter what! That’s more than most of us can say about a lot of people!

This goes back to Reason #1 of why pets make the best Valentines. The human animal bond is mutually beneficial. Just think of how you feel when you walk through the door and your pet is waiting for you. They are non-judgemental and only want your attention. Pets teach us to be selfless and all they want in return is care and attention. And this goes for all animals big and small, it’s been said that when you hold your BFF, they release the same endorphins that humans do when they are in love. Even Charles Darwin, back in the 1870’s, wrote about different species and the release of oxytocin (the hormone released in response to feelings of love and bonding) across different species. Other research has shown that this release carries over between human and animals.

Will you be my Valentine?  So why add the pressure to an already stressful last 11 months! Doesn’t matter if you’re single or have a significant other; your animal companion is just that “a Companion”, someone there for you always. The bond and love shared is like no other and the benefits of having each other in your lives is scientifically proven.  So get yourself your favorite treat, play your favorite movie and snuggle up to your furry friend…put your feet up and enjoy! Valentines Day is for everyone!!!

top reasons why pets are best valentines

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Until next time…and Happy Valentines Day!

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