What does it mean to be the authority in Pet Aftercare or to be the best pet crematory?  Well in any business to be the authority is to be the best, to be on the cutting edge and to be a leader in the industry.  For us at Eden Memorial Pet Care Inc., in order to be the best in pet cremation is to be a leader in this industry and to be a little ahead of the curve.

I started this business over 16 years ago with the goal to be 5 star – personable service provider to people who are celebrating the lives of their furry animal companions.  Over 10 years ago, I had a vision of a Reception Room to receive clients and preplan for their pet’s passing.  In addition, to have a special room to have some extra time with your beloved before they continue on their journey across the Rainbow Bridge…well fast forward to 2018.  In October of 2018 we broke ground on Eden 2.0!   Nearly a year later, we see a 40×80 building with new office space for existing staff as well as better more efficient work rooms designed for urning, clay paws and other special services.  Almost complete is a facelift to our existing building which will house a new updated office, reception room and beautiful serenity room for clients and their pet’s farewell.

best pet crematory

Now…whoa whoa whoa you might say….40×80 building ?!  That’s huge…what are you going to put in that?  There is no way that just is office and work space?!  Well…we are 1 of a handful of pet crematoriums in the state of California that are going in the direction of “multi-chamber” crematory units.  These units are state of the art, energy-saving and environmentally smart units that will cremate a pet at the utmost efficiency. The unit will allow us to not only better serve our every growing veterinary hospital clientele but our direct clients, who are requesting specialty services. For example: viewings, memorial products and Exclusive Private Cremations.

There is no one like us around— closest facility to provide the services we are is the Bay Area or Los Angeles.  We are very excited to be finishing up this project and having our community unveiling!  Stay tuned for updates and announcements!


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