Special Engraved & Photo Tile Pet Urn

Image of engraved pet photo Urn, offering unique selections, materials, personalizations

Special Engraved & Photo Tile Pet Urn

  • Description:
    Photo Tile Only: Photo inlay into a light oak wood.
    Engraving Only: Laser engraved urns – inlayed into top of light oak urn.
    Photo Tile with Engraving: Combining both the Photo Tile inlay on top of oak urn and laser engraved designs on front of urn.
  • Sizes: Small – Medium
  • Dimensions Inches: 4x4x2 up to 5x5x3
  • Colors: As shown
  • Small Pet Prices:
    • Photo Tile Only $70 – $130
    • Plain or Elaborate Engraving Only $100 – $110
    • Photo Tile with Plain or Elaboate Engraving $140 – $150
  • Larger Pets: $200 – $230

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Note: Because each Special Engraved & Photo Tile Pet Urn is customized to meet your individual needs, we personally help you place your order, ensuring you get the correct size, color, material, engraving or photo if needed. There’s no charge for this personalized service. We’re here to help you.

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Special Engraved & Photo Pet Tile Urn

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