Small Pet Cremation

Providing pet cremation services with a caring touch

Providing Pet Cremation Services With A Caring Touch

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Small Pet Cremation

manAt this time we offer you three choices of small pet cremation services

  • A. Exclusive Private
  • B. Standard Private
  • C. Communal

But what is the difference between each one?

How do you decide?

Simply ask yourself this question:

Do you want your pet’s cremains (ashes) returned to you?

1. If your answer is YES:

Private Cremation is best for you.

We offer two types of PRIVATE CREMATION services – Exclusive and Standard

  • EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE CREMATION – is the process of cremating one pet exclusively. The pet is placed in the crematory chamber and cremated by itself. The cremains are then collected individually, placed in an urn of your choice, and returned to the owner.Pricing Information, click here
  • STANDARD PRIVATE CREMATION – is the process of cremating more than one pet at the same time, but separated by some form. At Eden Memorial Pet Care, a pet is placed in the crematory chamber and then separated by either a brick or an individual pan – depending on size of pet. Each pet’s location in the crematory chamber is documented and pets are collected individually one at a time and constantly kept separate. There is no co-mingling of cremains during this process. Each pet’s individual cremains are placed in urn choice, and returned to owner.Pricing Information, click here

2. If your answer is NO:

Communal Cremation is best for you.

Note: Please understand that should you decide that a COMMUNAL CREMATION is best for you, your pet’s cremains (ashes) will not be returned to you. If you do want your pet’s cremains returned, please choose one of the Private Cremation Services listed above.

  • COMMUNAL CREMATION – is the process when several pets are cremated at one time with no separation. This process does allow for co-mingling of cremains. No cremains are returned to owner.At Eden Memorial Pet Care, all communal cremains are collected and spread throughout a private property located in Paso Robles. This location is not accessible to the public. For those who wish to visit where their companion’s cremains are placed, we recommend a Special Service of cremains returned to you in a spreadable container. This will enable you to spread your companion’s ashes in a place that is special to you and of your own choosing.Pricing Information, click here