Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to share this wonderful story with you all.  I feel so fortunate to work with such amazing people.  My staff is a wonderful team of individuals ranging from wildlife rescue volunteers, retired CHP officers, and local business men (/ex Cowboys).  ;o)  I’m so proud of the staff, who I have the opportunity to learn from and enjoy working with daily.  These are the people who help you and your pet in their aftercare services; and the people that are handling your pet as if they are their own.

My right hand gal, Laurie Abshire, is our Facility Manager in Paso Robles.  She also moonlights as a volunteer for the Pacific Wildlife Foundation.  Recently, she had a uplifting and heartwarming experience and I couldn’t resist but share it with you all.  You can read her article below.  Or view the whole Newsletter here and open the 2010 Pacific Wildlife Care Newsletter (page 3).

Have a wonderful and enjoyable week. Thanks for tuning in…

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*Christine Johnson

General Manager
Eden Memorial Pet Care

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