Hello everyone,

Today is a gorgeous day but HOT HOT HOT!! I’m the dog owner that takes my “baby”, Aztec, the 100lb lab everywhere I go. When I get my truck keys, Aztec is there waiting for me with those big brown loving eyes. But this time of year, even on a semi-warm coastal day, I leave my buddy at home…no matter how droopy his eyes may get. I just wanted to say, please think twice before you take your dog along with you in a hot car.

On even warm days, it can take less than 10 minutes for the inside temperture of your car to rise to damaging degrees. Even with the windows cracked, this heat could potentially kill and/or seriously injure your best friend. So be careful and just leave your buddy at home, and/or go straight to and from the park.

Here are some other great ways for your pets to stay cool this summer:

1. Substitute sheets for bedding
2. Put a frozen bottle of water, wrapped in a towel, in your pet’s bed.
3. Wait until evening for his/her walk
4. ALWAYS carry water with you
5. Check pavement temperature when walking your dog during the day. If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot for your pooches’ paws. There are some nifty “doggie booties” for hot and cold weather online. Check out Ruffwear.


-Stay Cool Everyone! -Christine