Here are some pet diet tips around the Thanksgiving Table – We are all guilty of sliding a piece of turkey to Fido at the Thanksgiving Table; but are we actually making our pets sick?  The last thing you need on Thanksgiving Day is a trip to the Pet ER.  So let’s review some good and bad items to give your fur baby!

GOOD: all in moderation of course

-lean turkey – cooked (no skin/bones)

-pumpkin canned

-mashed potatoes (no salt/butter/dairy)

-green beans


-fatty skin or bones from turkey

-raisins or grapes

-onions or garlic

-yeast dough

-***Xylitol – artificial sweetener for baking – very poisonous



Watch this video on why these foods are bad.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of  you!

Safe travels and safe eating!

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