Pet cremation convention. Say What Now?

Yes it’s true…pet aftercare education and pet loss associations, I can’t make this stuff up!  And yes your’s truly is a member of all of them.

And every September that rolls around– I find my friends making this face when I tell them I’m heading out of town for the annual IAOPCC Meeting.  (International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories).

pet cremation convention

After my friends are able to correct their facial expression, they are usually able to muster the next two questions…”Annnnd what do you actually do at these Pet Cremation conventions? What kind of people go to these?”  I laugh and say, “Wellllll….people like me!”  I feel that most people get a picture of their head of what they “think” people who attend Pet Mortuary Conventions would look like…happy to say it’s quite the opposite.

The Addams Family circa 1964


The Pet Aftercare Industry has been around for long time.  The IAOPCC is celebrating it’s 48th Annual Convention.  In 1971, the association was started in order to raise the standards of the industry, educate owners and public and to provide a network of professionals that hold the same ethics within the industry.

“Founded in 1971 in West Chicago by Pat Blosser, our mission is to continually set and elevate the standards and ethics of the pet aftercare profession, provide continuing education for our Members, and to educate pet parents to the importance of seeking services from an IAOPCC Pet Cemetery/Crematory Member versus the other options available to them.”  –IAOPCC Website

Each year the association has grown and now encompasses over 15 countries.  As well as creating it’s prestigious Accreditation Program, which Eden Memorial Pet Care, Inc. was proudly awarded in 2017!  We were one of the first dozen businesses that went through the accreditation process and are now joined by many more.  We are the first and only in California!  It’s wonderful seeing colleagues each year at the IAOPCC who we have made friends with over the years and making new relationships with fellow members.  It’s a place where we share ideas, challenges and help one another with growing our businesses in a ethical way.  Every year I go home from the convention learning something new or having some sort of grand take away.  That is success in my book!

IAOPCC is not the only association out there– Other associations which we belong are:  ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation, Funeral Association) and the PLPA (Pet Loss Professional Association) and CANA (Cremation Association of North America).  All wonderful associations and sources of education, connections and incredible people sharing ideas within this industry.

I am proud to be a member and furthering my education and offering my staff continued education through these associations as well.  My motto…”We can always do better!”  So off I go tomorrow — on an airplane to Denver, CO for the 48th Annual IAOPCC Convention—what will I learn this trip?  I will let you know…

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