Out of an Abundance of Caution seems to be the new phrase, as well as many others, that were not even apart of our vocabulary two weeks ago. Now terms like: “Social Distancing”, “Shelter in Place” and “Quarantini” are now our every day norm. As we navigate through these times, there is one thing that remains unchanged…our pets.

cat annoyed with shelter in place

Why are you home all day?

Now although your dog is probably over joyed you are with him/her all day. I’m sure your cat is wondering why you are in “their” space so much. No matter where you are in the world right now, our pets are home with us. New questions and concerns are now surfacing regarding our pets and how this affects them. What should we plan for? And can they get COVID-19?

Can I give it to my pet?  Can my pet give it to me?

First and foremost, there is no evidence that COVID-19 is transferrable to or from human to pets and vice versa. Although there are Coronavirus strands that are found in dogs, it is different than the COVID-19 strand affecting humans. There were also two reports of dogs testing for a “weak positive” of COVID-19 after taken into care from two people with the Corona Virus; but there are too many other facts that have not been reported in the media.  The veterinarian community has all agreed there is no evidence of transmission and/or sickness from pet to human and/or human to pet. Revival Animal Health.com recently posted a very informative short video on this topic. I highly recommend it. Corona Virus in Humans vs. Dogs/Cats Video

Also, recently CDC reported that if you are ill with COVID-19 that you shouldn’t be with your pet. The veterinarian community says “False”. Again, there is no evidence of transmission; but always take precautions. After handling your pet at anytime you should be washing hands, face etc. And never allow your dog or cat to lick around your mouth, eyes or nose. This is just generally good hygiene.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical; so having your pet with you while in “shelter in place”- whether you are sick or not makes for a happy mental state. So have your furry companion with you…it’s therapy!

Your home—Now what?

Now that you are home all day…what a great time to teach your dog that new trick! Spend time snuggling with your kitty and maybe even work on a pet’s bad behavior.


  • great time to potty train
  • spend time with your furry companion – throw that tennis ball a few times
  • exercise your pet
  • talk out your problems – pet therapy session anyone?

Is it ok to walk my dog?

Nothing is dangerous about being outside with your pet- just remember Social Distancing!   Walks are good for you and them! Enjoy the fresh air and good weather while you can! It’s a good stress reliever and there’s nothing like a walk around the block to feel partly normal in these different times. Just keep 6ft away from your neighbor!

What about my outdoor cat?

Outdoor cats are fine to continue to be outside. There is no reason to keep your normally outside or inside/outside cat indoors now. They need their normal routine; and so do you!

Be Cautious No Matter What

It’s always good personal and household hygiene to wash all surfaces when you have pets. This includes your hands and face. Wash linens and bedding often and always clean floors with soap and disinfectants. With COVID-19, even though there is no evidence of transmission between pets and their humans; just be careful and cautious. This shouldn’t be any different than what you have been hopefully doing prior to this outbreak.

How to Prep for Isolation with you pet?

Make preparations for food, flea control, heart worm meds and prescriptions for at least 1 month. Call your veterinarian to fill your prescriptions and have at least one extra bag of food , liter and medications on hand.

If you get ill during “Shelter in Place”

If you are unable to care for your pet, have a neighbor or friend help or take the pet in order to properly care for them. If your pet has to have a sleep over, make sure they are compatible animals and are not stressed out. Or if you have a good pet sitter and/or boarding facility that can take them can also be a good option.

We need them

No matter how you look at this situation it is a challenging time—so much uncertainty of jobs, health, finances etc. But be thankful for each day, plan accordingly, be safe and be kind. Our pets bring us so much joy and unconditional love—this is the time we need them most. Emotional stress and anxiety is a very real thing right now and a pet can provide that mental/emotional therapy you might need.   So walk them, cuddle them, pet them and talk to them…we will get through this!

covid-19 and pets

SIDE NOTE: Eden Memorial Pet Care would like to thank all the veterinarians and techs who continue to work and provide health care to our beloved pets. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my staff for working the frontlines and continue to put themselves out there for our clients. Death Care is many times an afterthought but in times like these when health/death care are what we are facing daily—we see how unprepared we are.   So yes, Eden Memorial Pet Care remains open and continuing to provide death care services to all those in need. Death is a part of life – there is no denying that. It doesn’t have to be morbid but it should be planned for and thoughtfully and respectfully done.

**I am not a veterinarian and/or doctor…this is information I have received from veterinarians and health professionals.  Please take your own precautions and do what’s best for yourself and your family.

To everyone— Stay Safe…Stay Healthy!

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