They can be our eyes…They can be our ears…They can be our hands…they can be our companions.  They will dig through rubble to find an injured victim or warns a person of a possible stroke or seizure.   They will comfort the sick and give unconditional love to a severely impaired child.   Who am I referring to in all these scenarios?  Service Dogs. No they aren’t superheros…but they might as well be!  And the people who train these wonderful creatures…we thank you all for your service!!

October is officially Service Dog Month.  Eden Memorial Pet Care would like to pay tribute and recognize all Service Dogs, pets, and their trainers, volunteers, and organizations.  There are so many service animals in not only the US but internationally.  According to Wikipedia, “there are too many programs and independent trainers to accurately count.”

According to the US Service Dog Registry, the definition of a service animal is an animal that “performs some of the functions and tasks that an individual (person) cannot perform him or herself”.  There are various types of service dogs, some including: Guide Dogs, Seizure Dogs, Signal Dogs for Deaf/hearing impaired, Mobility Dogs, Response Dogs, and Psychiatric Service Dogs.  As you can see the list goes on and on.  Interesting fact, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, Police K9, Search & Rescue, Therapy Dogs, Arson/Explosive Detection Dogs, and Cadaver Dogs are not considered “Service Dogs” when relating to the above definition.  These dogs do perform a service but are not registered as a US Service Dog in order to help impaired individuals.  These dogs are Working Dogs.  They have a job, which they attend with a trainer or handler to perform a specific task.

Either way, in my book they are all equally important and without these incredible dogs and the intense training they go through, many of our fellow human beings, who need their assistance, would not have the help they need.   Whether it’s a Guide Dog leading a person to safely through their day or a Bomb Sniffing dog protecting us from harm; THANK YOU!   We love you and appreciate all that you do!

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Love and Peace- Hugs and Woofs

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*Christine Johnson

General Manager