Origin of National Pet Memorial Day:

This special day was established by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Cremoratories (IAOPCC).  Although this is not an “officially” recognized holiday — it gives us pet lovers a special day to remember our pets.   This holiday is celebrated the 2nd Sunday in September…this year ironically it came on 9/11 — the day our nation mourns and remembers our friends, family, and nation that suffered so much that tragic day.  Let us remember not only all these people lost but the service dogs that helped in 9/11.

Check out this amazing story…Many of you may remember it. Roselle passed away June 26th of this year.  Rest in peace Roselle.

The story of Michael Hingson and Roselle

The video

Love and Peace- Hugs and Woofs

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*Christine Johnson

General Manager