How we must find Heroes in times of tragedy.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, and now fires…It seems since September, that with each week, yet another devastating tragedy occurs.
And this time a little closer to home. Although Eden Memorial Pet Care is located in Paso Robles, CA., my Northern California Home Office is located 45min-1hr from the raging Napa/Santa Rose Fires. Schools were cancelled for 2 days due to air quality and friends and family directly affected by evacuations and loss of homes and pets. In the wake of this horrible event, I have seen my local community to towns across the state coming to the aid of our neighbors to the north. It’s been amazing to be apart of, yet overwhelming heartache at the same time.

In the coming weeks, I will be blogging on Disasters– How to Help, How to Prepare, Who to Donate to, and How Do We Move Forward from Disaster? To kick us off, I want to start with a feel good story…one of which was one that still gives me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Many of you probably have heard of the story of Odin and how he stayed behind to protect his herd. We can all appreciate and commend a soul like Odin…any parent/protector would have done the same. There are many stories out there, I welcome you to share any that are your favorites. But for now…here is Odin’s story:

When Roland Tembo Hendel had to leave in the middle of the night with his family in order to save their lives, they tried to get their dog Odin to evacuate with them. He refused to leave his herd and Hendel was forced to leave Odin behind to tend his herd. The family cried for the guilt they felt leaving them to possibly die a horrible death; but when they returned to their property a miraculous thing they saw. Within the devastating loss of home, structures and property there was Odin with his herd in tact. Odin suffered burnt paws and singed fur but stayed his ground and protected his goats. The family was able to evacuate Odin with his herd to local fairgrounds and get Odin’s injuries cared for by local veterinarian.

Odin’s story and followup video to watch here

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