How do we move forward after a natural disaster?  Now that the fires of Northern California Wine Region have been extinguished, the truly hard part begins….starting over.  I read an article today from my Facebook Feed and the Santa Rose Firestorm Group— it related to the difficult task now people are faced not only starting over but still sifting through what is left of their lives.  And what about families, who’s loved ones lived in the fire region and are still missing?  The stories of families finding their relatives cremains amongst the fire and ash of what used to be their home.

In our Aftercare Industry of Cremation, this is something we see everyday…and as difficult as it is to lose a dying pet or family member; I can’t imagine seeking for cremains of a beloved…in hopes to walk away with something to remember them by.  There are so many ways to create remembrances and memorialize our loved ones; but when we have lost all we have materially we grasp for anything tangible that we can physically hold on to.  So now what…how do we move forward as we are cleaning up after a disaster?

As I tell someone, who is grieving…one day at a time.  Some days it will be hard just to do that…so take your time and if all you can face is the next hour, then go with that.  Here are some other ways to help.  (click on link to see article)  This is a wonderful article that really spells out the psychology and what you can expect and how you can help yourself and others.

Some things to remember:

-Take care of yourself – if you don’t take care of you…you can’t be a good parent, friend, family member to others.

-Surround yourself with support – talk to your community, reach out to family/friends, join groups who are dealing with what you are facing.

-Learn to turn off the Social Media – it’s a great way to stay informed; but you need to recognize when it’s time to shut it down.  Quiet your mind.


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