“Proudly serving owners and their pets since 1938.”  -Stiern Veterinary Hospital/Southwest Veterinary Hospital

Not many small businesses can say that they have been successful for nearly 75 years (74 to be exact)!  Stiern Veterinary Hospital and Southwest Veterinary Hospital have been providing the residents of Bakersfield with excellent veterinary care since the late 1930’s.  This is incredible!  We here at Eden Memorial Pet Care, are extremely proud to work with such a fine establishment.  Family businesses and the history of veterinary care is something dear to our own hearts, also being a long time resident of the Central Coast and family business. This is why this month we are featuring Stiern and Southwest Veterinary Hospitals in Bakersfield.


It all started with late Senator Walter Stiern and his brother Richard Stiern, when Walter Stiern graduated from Washington State University in 1938.  Walter started practicing immediately in the garage of his parent’s home in North Bakersfield.  Dr. Walter Stiern would work out of his parents converted garage, while his father would help him build cages and exam/surgery tables all out of wood.  They converted the barn behind the garage into a dog run and continued to service the people of Bakersfield there until 1949.  During this time, the hospital that you all know and love at 17 Monterey Street was built.   Meanwhile, Walter’s brother, Richard Stiern, also graduated from Washington State University in 1944 and worked with his brother together helping both large and small animals.

Southwest Veterinary Hospital, located at 2905 Brundage Lane, was originally built as house in 1931; but was remodeled and purchased in 1965 by the Stiern Brothers.  Through the years, the hospitals have grown from one veterinarian, Dr. Walter Stiern, to nine veterinarians, which include 3 partner/owners and 6 associates.


Between both hospitals the staff includes a total of 35 employees.  Each one of these staff members is a caring, considerate, and professional person, who cares for your pet.  With 9 veterinarians to serve you, which include 3 partner/owners (Dr. Tim Anderson, Dr. Eric Bollier, and Dr. Mark Holland), and 6 associates (Dr. Sherry Clark, Dr. Jennifer McDougle, Dr. Elise Martin, Dr. Anika Colopy, Dr. Rose Rakow, and Dr. Caitlin Seeley.)  The hospital staff also includes a business manager, two office managers, and six Registered Veterinary Technicians.

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Besides being one of the oldest running veterinary hospitals in Bakersfield and the third actually built in town, both hospitals are proud to provide the “finest professional health care to the residents of Bakersfield”, says Linda Anderson- Business Manager for both hospitals.  Stiern and Southwest are prepared to meet their client’s needs with modern and specialized equipment.  Linda Anderson also goes on to say that, “Our staff is committed to excellence in improving the quality of life for your pets.  Our goal is to provide clients and their pets with progressive and compassionate veterinary care at reasonable fees, in a pleasant, efficient, and friendly manner.  It is with much pride that we have served owners and their pets for over 70 years and have continued to build upon the ideals and traditions initiated by our founders.”


To see a veterinary hospital grow from a converted garage to two successful veterinary hospitals is the essence of the American Dream!  A perfect story for our Veterinary Showcase for the patriotic month of July!!  We, Eden Memorial Pet Care, commend both Stiern and Southwest Hospitals on your success and the wonderful services you provide.  Thank you.


Stiern Veterinary Hospital

               17 Monterey Street – Bakersfield, CA 93305

               Phone: (661) 327-5571

Southwest Veterinary Hospital

            2905 Brundage Lane – Bakersfield, CA 93304

            Phone: (661) 327-5719


Website:  www.StSwVets.com


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