How do I say goodbye to my pet during Covid-19, let alone know if/when I should euthanize my pet?  This question is something I get weekly and is the most difficult question to answer.

Things Look Different Now

This blog was posted/written over a year ago but is so important especially at this time. During Covid-19 Pandemic, we have all had to conform to certain rules, protocols and safety procedures.  One new protocol that some of you may not know of is taking your pet to the vet looks very different today.  In many states, you can no longer go into the vet office or even the exam room to comfort your scared BFF (Best Furry Friend).  You are greeted in the parking lot by a vet technician as they carry/walk off with your BFF for their check up, surgery, etc.  Now imagine this….how difficult it must be to say a “forever goodbye” to your BFF in the parking lot?  It can be devastating and we at Eden Memorial Pet Care have been seeing many pet parents, who are seeking new options when it comes to saying a “forever goodbye”.

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Peaceful Passing

A “Peaceful Passing” is one that is done in the comfort of your own home.  A veterinarian, who offers these services, can help you make all arrangements from euthanasia to what aftercare services you would like for your beloved.  The veterinarian works with a local pet crematory or cemetery and can take care of everything as one service.  The Peaceful Passing is arranged at the appropriate time and provided comfort for the animal and the family.  Many clients will have family come to say goodbye, a quiet ceremony/prayer and take the time they need with their animal companion.  The pet is usually resting at home in a room that is comfortable and familiar, giving them a beautiful space to spend their last moments.

After the pet has “crossed the Rainbow Bridge“, the veterinarian will then remove your pet in a dignified way and bring to a pet crematory or cemetery to carry out services you have already arranged.  If you have chosen cremation with cremains returned, then the vet will either return them to you when ready and/or you can arrange pick up at the cremation facility.

Plan A-E

As pet parents, we have all faced this decision with our beloved pets at some point.  And if you are like me, you had or have a plan A, B, C, D, E….  There are just so many “what ifs”.  What if he/she is hurting, what if he/she passes away while I’m at work, what if he/she passes at night?  How do I know what to do or who to call?

It sounds so cliché but “they will tell you when”…you  just have to listen.  I am not a veterinarian or pretend to be one, although being a daughter of a vet many people believe this qualifies me!  But I do believe that if your pet is wagging his/her tail, eating, able to potty regulary/normally and in no horrible physical pain, then they are not ready. Has their quality of life decreased significantly and you are now hanging onto them for “You” and not for their “physical well being”?  Then it’s time.

Answers to Questions

There is a great pamphlet put out by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) on “Pet Euthanasia”.  The information in this brochure really gives some great insight on when and what to do when it comes to this difficult time.  Questions answered like:

How do I know it's time to euthanize my pet

– When do I know?

– Will euthanasia be painful?

– What to expect

– And even remembering your pet and planning for Aftercare and Memorialization

We Are Here For You

And remember…we are here for you too.   At Eden Memorial Pet Care Inc. (Central Coast of California) we work with two different at Home Euthanasia businesses.  Both are professional, caring and can assist you in all arrangements.  Your pet is then brought to our facility to carry out your wishes of cremation services.  There are a few other mobile veterinarians that will come to your home for other services as well as euthanasia.  They are also listed on our Resources page.

For End of Life Care/Peaceful Passings, we currently work with:

*Compassionate Hands Veterinary Services

Dr. Katrina Stanchev  & RVT: Rebecca Zayha



*Infinite Love – End of Life Care for Pets

Dr. Amanda Page



❤ Share Your Stories With Us : We would love to hear and we are always here for you, not only in a time of need but with information on pet products, pet psychology and ways to build a better connection with your animal companions.

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