This time of year we are pulled by our heartstrings to do the right thing…Donate, give thanks, and help the needy.  My thought is that — Shouldn’t we be doing this all year and not just around the holidays?  There is always a cause that needs us, a devastating disaster (we had too many to count this year) and people in need.  But no matter, we find ourselves faced everything from food drives to Give Back Tuesdays through the holiday season.

So where do we start?  Who should we donate to and will they really get the money?

The search and decision can be overwhelming…so this information is strictly regarding pets and animals in need.

Local Help — Goods vs. Money
-Contact your local shelter, Humane Society/SPCA, fostering organization and ask what are their needs.  It can change daily.  Maybe it is towels, blankets, or pet beds for cages.  Pet supplies, food, medicines are also needed.  If they don’t have a specific need then a monetary donation direct to your local organization will be much appreciated.

Fostering and Adoption
-Maybe you are able to “foster” pets and help find homes for them.  This takes a lot of time, money and commitment.  But the rewards are endless.  This can be a good lesson for children also.  They are able to see what it takes to care for a pet and the selflessness of caring for this pet and giving up the pet when the right owner is found.

-Adoption is a great option – if and only if you are able to make a commitment as a pet parent.

Money Donations
-There are numerous organizations out there!  Do your research and if you have any concerns or questions, stay local and talk directly to your shelters and rescue organizations.  Here are some great National and International Organizations that are truly doing good work.

ASPCA  – The ASPCA helps assist in animal cruelty, finding homes for pets, and assisting in emergencies.
Animal Humane Society – Carries out the same duties as the ASPCA
Best Friends – **one of my Faves and one I donate to personally** is Best Friends — They are a unique animal sanctuary in Utah but that’s not all.  They foster, provide education, host adoptions, have an amazing volunteer program and also assist in animal cruelty assistance, food drives, and so much more.
Korean K9 Rescue – an International organization that focuses on the Korean Dog Meat Industry and putting a stop to it, while rescuing dogs from Korea.

Again…there are so many options; but find the one that is right for you.  If this time of year is too tight on your budget, be kind to yourself and know that donating any time through out the year is a good time to donate.  This year Eden Memorial Pet Care donated for Hurricane Harvey Victims, Sonoma Fire Donations, and also gave to a local Humane Society in the name/memory of one of our dear friend’s pet that passed this year.

Do what’s right in your heart– whenever and where-ever you can—If it’s money, goods, or your time.  The animals will thank you!

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