Grand Re-Opening:

February 29th, we opened our doors to some VIP Industry folks to share not only our excitement in our “grand re-opening” but to have an educational day of sorts. It was a small crowd but one that was welcomed and brought pride to our staff. We really want to showcase who we are and what we do each day, educating local veterinary staff and bringing light to a very difficult subject- pet cremation services.

Pet Cremation in Central California

Pet cremation services on the Central Coast and Central Valley are few and far between. Most of the companies you will find will be catered to the veterinary hospitals as more of a “service provider”. One that you may never know of or even deal with as a pet owner. Doesn’t that just sound weird?…To not even know who is handling the aftercare/pet cremation of your beloved pet? You’re not alone…many people don’t even think to ask. But that is changing every day.

We not only service many hospitals through out the San Luis Obispo County area but the Central Valley as well. Our vet clients extend from Bakersfield and north to Visalia and Fresno for pet cremation services. Now that our new building is complete we are taking in more and more direct clients as well. Weekly we have people scheduling appointments to drop off their beloved pets and also schedule personal witnessed cremations/viewings.

view of reception room

Welcome Home

Our reception room offers a welcoming homey environment to look at urn options, memorial jewelry and pet keepsakes. We even have at home burial items you can order such as pet pods and memorial stones for your backyard. Each and every client is different and we want to make sure you are getting a comforting experience in whatever cremation services or pet memorials you choose.


picture of cremation demonstration

Erika Ricketts, Head of Crematory Operations, demonstrates proper Exclusive Private Cremation procedure.

A Beautiful Day

Last Saturday was a beautiful day filled with some friendly faces and some new relationships. We had veterinary staff drive all the way from Bakersfield, All Critters Pet Hospital, to visit and tour our facility. Throughout the day we gave demonstrations on proper Exclusive Private Cremation process in our state of the art multi-chamber cremation unit, processing and urning. We also gave tours through our facility opening up to discussions and questions on all and every step of a pet’s journey at our facility.

urning demonstration

Laurie Abshire demonstrates proper urning procedure.

picture of tours of eden memorial pet care

Staff & Guests listen in to Christine Johnson giving tours of Eden Memorial Pet Care







Special Thanks

Thank you to SLO Hospice for joining us and welcoming our services.

Thank you to Sharon of SLO Horse News in sharing our stories as we grow and expand.

Thank you to Lupe from All Critters Pet Hospital and Mercy and Logan from Animal Care Clinic for understanding how important it is to educate yourself and staff and in turn to pass on the information to your clients.

And thank you Compassionate Hands for stopping in and also providing such a beautiful service of Peaceful Passings at home. We enjoy working with you immensely and together we work hand in hand.

Most of all—thank you to my staff! I know I have said it a million times and I will say it a million times more—you truly are appreciated and it’s a honor to work with all of you.

We Are Here For You

In whatever you need, we are here…our pets deserve the absolute best in life and end of life. May we help you in this time of need and provide you with some comfort.

-Christine Ogorsolka Johnson

picture of christine johnson author


Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce is having a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for us March 24th! We can’t wait….more to come.