Are you planning on dressing up “Fido” this year in a pet costume?  Come on…be honest!

Well apparently you and over 30 million other people will be dressing up your animal companion for Halloween!  According to a 2018 article in the New York Post:

    “More than 31 million people will be dressing their pets in costumes this year, according to a report

issued by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights, which surveyed 6,961 consumers.”

31 million people out of the pet owners who care for over 300 million pets that are in our country alone will be partaking in dressing up their pet in a Halloween pet costume and other festivities this year.  The pet industry has grown to a nearly $80 million dollar industry– I wonder if this even accounts for Halloween pet accessories!?  You can find pet costumes anywhere from pet stores, boutique shops, thrift shops and even your local pharmacy (i.e. Walgreens/CVS/etc.)  So again, the question still stands “Will you be dressing up fido for Halloween?”  Or another furry member of your family?  And if so, what costumes have you seen that are the best in your opinion?

Through my years, I have seen some great costume ideas.  From Yoda to cowboys to whole family themed costumes.  Just scan Instagram or Facebook and you will find some very creative costumes.  At our home, Gus Gus has been a variety of things as well– the “devil”, a pumpkin, a bumble-bee.  But my ultimate favorite was his “lion” costume.  A few years ago, we hit the town as yours truly, a Lion Tamer and Gus Gus @gusgusjohnson my “ferocious lion”.  Well, to be honest I’m not sure how ferocious he really was as kids and adults ooed and awwed as we walked the streets.  Little kids running up to Gus saying LIONNNNNN!!!  And grown men letting out the ultimate “AWWWWWWSsssss”.  Gus was a trooper and kept on his lion’s mane all night but “wagged” off his lion “puff” tail rather quickly.  Once returning home, I slid off his mane, gave him a big treat and he ran around the house rubbing all over the carpet and then repeatedly shaking like the dumb thing was still on him!  Every year, when we open the Halloween Costume box and he sees that mane he drops his eyes and lets out a big sigh to say “Oh geez here we go again…”

So…do they really like all this Halloween fuss?  Does your dog or cat honestly want or enjoy dressing up?  As we place the costume on them, they run around the room and we laugh!  Now you can say all day that you are laughing “with” them…but let’s be honest here nothing gets you going like a little dog dressed up like a Taco?!  Or the famous viral online video with the dog carrying pumpkin.

pet costume


No matter where you stand on the Halloween pet costume debate — to dress up Fido or not– here are some tips on how to keep them comfortable and safe on Hallow’s-eve.

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Make sure there are no choking hazards
  • Can they see and breathe easily
  • Ready their body language– are they stressed or acting ashamed
  • Don’t use the whole costume– modify it to make if comfortable
  • Keep it simple- less is more
  • Can they go the bathroom easily
  • Limit their time in it– give them breaks
  • Award good behavior — doggie cookies after wearing it is a good way to start
  • Praise them and let them know you aren’t laughing “at” them

For more information here are some helpful links:

Our furry family members are so very important to us, so keep in mind their comfort and safety.  And yes, please yes take pictures! Share them to our Facebook or Instagram- tagging @edenmemorialpetcare.  We would love to see what your BFF (Best Furry Friend) is going to be this year.

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