The other day, my 9 year old daughter came to me and said, “Mom, I’m dreaming of my cat….but scary dreams!”  Of course her mind went to the literal meaning.  In the dream, her new Kitty, of 6 months, was injured. This to my daughter meant that Gemma was in danger!  My poor daughter was crying and so upset!!  I of course wanted to “fix it” and fix it fast!  Now a little background…I LOVE dreams and decoding them.  I even have a little training in it…BUT this was a new one!  I know dreams are from your subconscious mind and can give you helpful clues on decisions to be made and/or problems you might be dealing with in your life.  So I told my daughter, let’s research it on line…let’s find out what it means to dream of your cat! (and specifically your cat in danger).  We found this awesome article/blog:

Cool Fact!  Dreaming of cats is a symbol of your intuition– maybe your inner “6th (kitty) sense”!  After reading the article above and a few others, my daughter and I realized that her dream didn’t have anything to do with her kitty being in danger; but that my daughter wasn’t listening to her intuition.  She had been dealing with some friendship issues at school. She was trying to befriend a girl, who was having a hard time making friends.  My daughter has a big heart and wanted to help this girl; but as she got closer with this girl she realized that the girl was having difficulty making friends because she was borderline bullying other girls.  My daughter, logically saw a girl who needed a friend; but her intuition was telling her to be cautious.

In the end, my daughter and I had a wonderful conversation about friendship and listening to our inner voice!  Something I’m still practicing at 41 years old!!!  This is starting to be a hard time for my daughter…reaching that “tween” age where girls, friendships, social media, etc can all be a lot of pressure.  So my advice….take notes of your dreams.  Write them down when you can or voice memo is nice.  There are tons of resources online and also dream books to buy.  The important thing is not to ignore the subtle clues in your dreams!  Let your subconscious be your guide.   And dreams of animals, not just cats, can really give you some answers or direction you are looking for!!!

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