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When you lose your horse, a very special companion, it can be just like losing your best friend.

What can be even more painful, is that until now, there have been very few options for handling your special friends when they pass away.

The good news is that now you can cremate your horse, which offers a wonderful alternative to a ranch burial, or having to send your loved one to the tallow company.

Cremation is a wonderful option to perpetuate your horse's memory because:

  • We only perform whole horse cremation

  • Each cremation is a private cremation

  • Your horse's cremains are returned to you in a container for ceremonial spreading or in a wooden urn for display

Coping with the loss of a horse is an emotional experience, because on top of your loss, there is the sensitive nature of handling and hauling a horse for cremation. We know that and make every effort to handle your horse with the best of care.

All of our staff is dedicated to providing a caring and comforting service to you and your horse, and we hope you will contact us should you need any help or have any questions.


Pony/Miniature: $1000
Horse: $1250

Pick up Fee: - See our pick up radius map

0-50 miles: $250
51-100 miles: $350
101-150 miles: $450

*Pick up Fees include pick up service in our specially constructed refrigerated trailer, handling of horse, and mileage.

At this time, Eden Memorial Pet Care requires only authorized Eden Memorial staff to pick up, handle, and haul the horse for cremation. We are unable to authorize "drop off" at our facility.

Delivery of Cremains:

Turn around time for an Equine cremation is one week.

There are a variety of ways to have your horse's cremains delivered back to you.

  1. You may make an appointment to visit our Paso Robles facility to receive your horse's cremains

  2. We are happy to deliver to your equine veterinary office (if in the San Luis Obispo County area, Bakersfield, or Visalia area)
    *Certain days and areas only apply*

  3. Ship via FED-EX Overnight or 3 day for an additional cost:

    • Fed-Ex Overnight - $150

    • Fed-Ex 3 day - $75

Horse Urns/Standard Container/Memorial Products:
  • You may choose to have your horse returned in a plastic container, ready for ceremonial spreading; OR a Specialty Horse Urn at an additional cost.

  • At this time we only offer one style of horse urn

  • Urns are of handmade construction and come in a choice of either Light Cherry or Oak Wood stain

  • Price:
  • $260 (without photo plaquard)
  • $270 (with photo plaquard)

    See Specialty Horse Urn With Wood Samples

  • If you would prefer to receive just a portion of your horse's cremains, we are happy to accommodate your wishes. We can either place a portion of the cremains in one of our small New Standard Urns (at no cost) or you may purchase one of our smaller Specialty Urns as listed above. You will also receive the remainder of the cremains in our plastic equine container for your keeping.

    See New Standard Horse Urn


Scheduling a Pick up:
  • Eden Memorial must be contacted for pick up within a 12 hour time period of the horse's passing

  • At this time we are unable to be an emergency service. We will do our best to accommodate your needs and the needs of your beloved horse.

  • In a situation where the horse has a scheduled euthanasia, Eden Memorial would like to be "on alert," so we can coordinate with you and your veterinarian an appropriate pick up time.

  • Please call our office to schedule your pick up.
    M-F (9-5) 1-888-216-6127

Weekends / Afterhours:

At this time we are closed on weekends. If you schedule a pickup with us ahead of time, we may accommodate you on a Saturday.

If you are calling afterhours/weekend, please call our 888#: 1-888-216-6127 and leave a message.
A Eden Memorial Representative will call you back within 12 hours

Preparation/Pick up:

  • The horse must be in an accessible area. Due to the size of our specialized transportation system, we are unable to drive on un-maintained ranch lands. The horse must be in an area into which we can back our trailer in any weather and prepare the horse for proper handling

  • **Due to the sensitive nature of this process, we recommend that you have someone to support you emotionally and/or someone you trust to be there in your place

  • An Eden Memorial representative will load and haul the horse to our facility in Paso Robles, CA

Paperwork and Financials:

  • Each pet that we service is followed by an ID/Authorization Form. You (or someone you authorize) will be required to sign the paperwork at the time of pick up.
  • Payment can be by Visa, Mastercard, or Personal Check

  • Credit Card payment can be taken over the phone when pick up/arrangements are scheduled

  • OR a Personal Check is required at the time of pick up


  • We, Eden Memorial Pet Care, understand that coping with the loss of a horse is an emotional experience. With the sensitive nature of handling and hauling a horse for cremation, we take every effort to handle your horse with gentleness. All of our staff is dedicated to providing a caring and comforting service to you and your horse

  • The process of pick up and trailering a deceased horse is an extremely sensitive procedure. When Eden Memorial's representative is preparing the horse for trailering, we use a process called "winching." Due to the size of the animal, this is the proper way to move the horse into the trailer. We will do our best to ensure the utmost of consideration

  • During this process, we recommend that you have someone to support you emotionally or someone you trust to be there in your place

202 Easy Street, Paso Robles CA, 93446 | Phone: 888.216.6127
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"I wanted to let you and your staff know how much I appreciate making, what could have been a difficult day, tolerable.

The personal service, clear communication, and organization were all above the 'call of duty.'

The professional way your business is run sets a very high standard in the industry."

Judith Murch